Why Arnold Schwarzenegger and Donald Trump Won

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Donald Trump are the heroes in a very particular type of story. They’re the people’s heroes, but they are not one of the people. They come from a class above most people. How can these two titans of industry be heroes in America’s story? Here’s how…

Outlaws of the Marsh: A Model of Brotherhood

Men love epics whether it’s The Iliad, The Odyssey, Beowulf or others men love the hard battles for big stakes that epics provide. The Chinese epic, Outlaws of the Marsh, is such an epic. Outlaws of the Marsh is a story that reminds the Western man something he has forgotten, the value of brotherhood. Here’s the review

How to Make a Masculine Story Feminine: From The Iliad to Troy

The greatest shame Hollywood brings to modern culture is the feminization of masculine stories. In Troy starring Brad Pitt, the story of The Iliad is transformed from a story of the most masculine characters ever written to one which glorifies weakness, dishonor, and the effeminate. Here’s how Hollywood did it…

Masculine Men in a Masculine Time: Lessons From The Iliad Part 2

The Man's Guide to The Iliad

The Iliad is a story that contains a wealth of masculine knowledge. We explored some of it earlier this week. We know explore a few more masculine lessons. For a full exploration of the masculine lessons in The Iliad check out The Man’s Guide To The Iliad, available March 10th.